Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 38) Anticipation

The building is massive as it looms over him shadowing the entire walkway and yard in darkness. The air is chilly standing here with the sun rising behind the tall walls and Stephen shivers as he looks down at the bulky key in his hand. The anticipation of stepping inside such a magnificent place has his adrenaline level spiking and he reaches for the pills in his pocket. I just need one, he thinks to himself as he jerks his head back swiftly forcing the pill to the back of his throat. Quickly he swallows it down.

The door is as grand as the building itself, with shiny wood and metal flowing together romantically intertwined creating a very interesting look. Looking at the keyhole, he lifts his hand up, with key extended, and slowly pushes it into the lock. With great hesitation, he gently begins to turn the key but he feels resistance and is afraid that if he pushes much harder, the antique metal may bend or break.


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