Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 39) Snaps Open

Turning the key back to the starting point, Stephen pulls it out and inspects it but his findings show it is unchanged. Again, he pushes the key in and gives it a turn, and begins to apply pressure once more. With a loud pop, it easily moves to the right followed by a dry sounding click. The door is now unlocked and it snaps open slightly. Small particles of dust fall to the ground as Stephen stands very still looking at the door and the thin opening between it and the doorjamb. Keeping his eye on the crack, he eases the key out of the lock and sticks it back in his pocket where it will be safe.

Pulling on the handle, the door glides open with ease exposing a dark entry hall with a light-colored tile floor. Stephen steps inside and his eyes immediately follow the split staircase, curving up each side of the entry hall and meeting on a long landing to the second floor. A large tarp covers a huge round window that if exposed, would surely fill the room with morning sunlight.


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