Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 41) Metal Spindles

Up near the top of the extremely high ceiling, extensive and heavy curtains cover four tall windows to the east. They are too high on the wall to see out of but he believes they would lighten the room if opened. Long thin metal spindles hang down from each panel and are low enough to touch. Thin lines of sunlight seem to be fighting to find their way into the room as light fills the tiny openings between the gaps in the cloth.

Stephen walks across the room and tugs at one of the spindles and in a very smooth and fluid manner, the panel pulls open. Intense sunlight floods the room showing off brilliant woodwork and carvings that scroll their way along the top of the walls and down around the marble fireplace on the west wall. On the ceiling are huge square panels etched with a design, which completes the grand feeling of the luxurious sitting room.

“Good god.” Stephen says to himself as he stands next to the wall of windows looking back at the room and its beauty. “I have never in my life seen anything like this.” His mouth hangs open as he looks around at the details, intricate designs and rich fabrics collected herein.


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