Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 43) One More Time

“Well here we are.” He says to himself as he turns toward the large heavy tarp. It seems to be snug around the window frame but he hopes it will pull down without much effort. “Alright then, here we go.” He yanks down hard on the cloth but it does not budge.

Disappointed, he walks to the other side and looks up at where it connects to the wood trim and it appears to be falling away. With a hopeful heart he says, “One more time,” and tugs down and it begins to slip off the frame as if gently peeling paper off the wall.

Pieces of plaster fall away as the tarp folds over itself, practically covering Stephen up. Coughing and choking under the dusty mess, he flips the tarp off himself and steps toward the banister railing.

“Are you alright?” says the voice of a young woman.


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