Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 45) Puzzled

Zsofia looks around the entry hall and then up at Stephen who is clearly puzzled by her presence here. Silence falls upon the room as they look at each other for several seconds. He watches her as she walks from the door and steps under the landing where he stands. He moves closer to the railing and looks over but does not see her, yet he can hear her moving about. She emerges again this time with a broom in her hand and her hair pinned up on her head. She walks over to the doors that Stephen pushed open earlier and begins sweeping the floor.

“I met you once, when you were visiting your grandparents. Do you remember me?” she asks without looking up at him.

The swishing of the broom is slow and constant as Stephen’s mind starts racing. He tries to recall his visit here fifteen years prior and wonders if what she said is true. Unfortunately, he does not remember any introductions at the time, especially to kids his own age. Even more tragic is that after he watched his grandfather die in such a horrific way, many good memories in all aspects of his life escaped him.


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