Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 46) Magnificent

“You don’t talk much, hum?” Zsofia quizzes as she stops sweeping to look at Stephen. She grins, “It is okay, I used to be just like you.” The swooshing of the broom starts up again.

“In what way?” Stephen asks as he begins to fold the tarp that was masking the beautiful window.

“Quiet!” she says loudly so he can hear over her sweeping and his tarp folding. This makes her laugh because of the noise level and the fact that she yelled quiet as if telling him to hush. Smiling, she stops sweeping and rests her arm on the broom. “I was very shy, used to hide behind my mother’s skirt all the time.” She grins.

Stephen continues to fold the dusty tarp without commenting on what Zsofia said and once finished, he sets the thick pile near the wall. He now looks up at the large round elaborate glass window and its many colorful pieces. It reminds him of artwork that should be in a church or gothic castle. It contains numerous pieces of glass, in multiple sizes, and in every color imaginable, connected with black metal weaving its way into a delicate design. In his mind, magnificent is the only way to describe it.

“Oh wow,” Zsofia says slowly as she looks up in awe at the exquisite sight.


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