Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 51) Straight Ahead

From the center of the entry hall, Zsofia walks towards the back of the hall away from the front doors and through the entrance directly under the staircase landing. Continuing to move forward, she heads toward two wooden doors, much like the ones to the left and right in the entry hall. A long thin and dark corridor extends out of sight on either side as a narrow set of steps spiral up to a long glass room that is nestled between the ceiling and the bottom of the second floor hall.

“What is this?” He questions as he stops to look up at this odd tunnel of glass.

“My grandfather told me that since the hallway has no windows, the glass room above allows natural light to enter the living and dining rooms on the other side.” She smiles. “It is architecture ahead of its time and I confess I have been up there as well, but only to clean the windows. I doubt it was ever used as living space.” She wiggles her finger for him to follow as she directs him straight ahead.


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