Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 54) Courtyard

“Isn’t it fantastic?” Zsofia says as a question but as a statement as well. She walks several feet ahead of Stephen who is trying to keep up yet view all the details in front of him. It is hard to believe that the weather outside is so cold when this interior confined place looks as if spring has arrived. The soil is rich and smells earthy and fresh and Stephen takes in a deep breath.

Bright sunlight shines down in one section but shadows cover the eastern end. When Stephen looks up through the glass ceiling to find a reason for the shade, he realizes this is actually a courtyard. The walls of the mansion tower over the garden on all sides and he is shocked at the enormity of it all. Not only are trees growing inside this contained garden but two are growing outside between a tall wall of glass and a small courtyard of sorts at the southeast side of the manor.


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