Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 57) Don’t Hurt Him

Peeking in and around the foliage Stephen realizes everything looks healthy, not crushed or bent or injured in any way. Just as he turns to go back in the direction he came, he bumps directly into a man with light brown hair. Shocked he puts his hands up ready to throw a punch when Zsofia runs at him pushing the young man back.

“What’s going on?” Stephen questions now angry and confused.

“No, don’t hurt him!”  Zsofia says firmly to Stephen.

In one fluid motion, she puts her arms around the brown-haired man pulling him back a few more steps. The young man makes a high-pitched sound in protest but does exactly as she directs.

“I wasn’t going to hurt him, I was just defending myself.” Stephen says as he puts his arms down.


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