Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 62) Next Monday

“No, I mean yes, I would like you to continue coming here to clean.” Stephen nervously puts his hands in his pockets. “What days are you usually here?”

“I own a teahouse in town and usually spend my days there from ten to five o’clock, but we are closed on Monday’s,” she grins. “So I’m usually here then.”

“So I’ll see you next Monday?” Quizzes Stephen as he thinks of how long away that seems to be.

“Or earlier if you want.” She replies. “We live within walking distance, about fifteen minutes down the road, or ten minutes if you take the path through the woods. If you have questions or need my help, I can come up.”

“Okay then, great. Thank you.” Stephen replies and then waves at them in an awkward way.

“Bye,” replies Tamas in a weak voice.

“Bye, Tamas. . . Zsofia.” Replies Stephen as he begins to push the door closed.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Zsofia says as she turns and steps in Stephen’s direction. “The exterior doors of the manor are to be closed tightly at all times, especially if left unattended.”

Ex 62

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