Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 64) Extinguish

Grabbing the handle of the broom, Stephen walks with it to the area under staircase. He knows this is where Zsofia came when she gathered her supplies, but he does not see a door to a closet or pantry. Leaning back, he looks to the right at the long corridor that goes on far beyond the shadows that extinguish all light. It looks much the same to the left. Deep well-polished wood panels cover the interior side while stonework walls run along the outside.

“This must be how you get to the other areas of the house.” He mumbles to himself. “But not without lights and a flashlight.”

He is about ready to give up on finding a closet when he sees a small notch on one of the wood panels that line the hall. He puts his fingers on the notch and pulls back. The panel pops open to expose a small pantry with hooks for the broom and dustpan and shelves for small towels and cleaning supplies.

“Definitely ahead of their time.” He mumbles to himself.


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