Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 71) Absolutely

“So tell me, Zsofia. Are you on a tight schedule today?” Stephen asks as he shines his light along the hall where they are standing. He is working very hard at not making any eye contact.

“No, actually yes, I suppose I should be cleaning.” She replies honestly with a laugh.

“Instead of that, would you help me find the power source so we can brighten this place up?” Stephen questions politely for he is eager to get this task completed.

“Absolutely, I will.” she replies quickly without any hesitation.

With only their flashlights to light the way, Stephen and Zsofia begin walking the windowless hall on their self-made mission to find the electrical utility box. Even though the fog has lifted and completely dissipated outside, the dampness that crept in with it has remained as a chill inside the manor.


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