Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 72) Sneak In

Stephen shivers and slides his free hand into the pocket of his jacket as he and Zsofia make their way along this first floor corridor. The hall is long and somewhat narrow with large lanterns secured to the wall near the ceiling. Without power, they too are dark and dissolute in appearance even when crossed by the beam of their flashlights.

“So, when you would sneak in, did you make it to all areas of the manor?” Stephen asks as they approach what appears to be the kitchen.

“Oh no, not at all, I just wanted to be in the conservatory. In my mind, it was no worse than playing in a neighbor’s yard, I never entered the house.” She pauses as she stops in the hall not following Stephen into the kitchen. “My grandfather would have had a fit if he knew that I even came up here alone. Plus, with his close relationship to your family, I would never want to be disrespectful.”


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