Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 78) Motivation

Zsofia now points her flashlight down in the same direction as Stephen’s, which offers a little more detail to what they may expect at the bottom of the stairs. It is obvious, just as Stephen suspected that the floor is made of dirt, which has been compacted into an almost concrete surface.

“You don’t need me to go down there with you, do you?”  Zsofia questions hoping the answer will be no.

She wants to be supportive but an undesirable feeling seems to be holding her back and Stephen does not speak as he takes the first step. As if testing the staircase to see how secure it is, he pauses in place for several seconds before moving again. With Zsofia staying behind, he is already contemplating that once at the bottom, out of her sight, he will take an anxiety pill and this now becomes the motivation to move faster until he steps off onto the earthen floor.


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