Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 87) Somber

“Do you know why your family locked this place up and never returned?” Zsofia asks as she continues to look down the hall in the direction they came from.

“It is my understanding, from my father, that my grandparents had moved to the smaller gatehouse due to old age. Apparently, they were having a difficult time keeping up with things here when my grandfather fell ill. Now that I’m here inside the manor, I can understand why.” Stephen says as he throws the switch.

The hall of the north wing brightens and the corridor seems to stretch on forever. It is identical to the west hall with wooden panels to the left, thick masonry walls to the right, and old ironwork hanging on the walls. However, this corridor is much longer than the one they just came from.

Stephen grins happily that the electrical system seems to be working properly and wonders what Zsofia thinks about it. Glancing at her, he finds himself confused by the expression on her face. Her eyes are somber and she looks frightened.


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