Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 88) Doubt

“Hey are you okay?” Stephen questions as he watches Zsofia.

“Yes,” she replies without much emotion for she is clearly lying.

“No seriously, are you okay? You look scared.” He says as he looks around where they are standing. Pulling on another notched panel, he finds a back entrance to the narrow staircase that he found in the mudroom near the kitchen.

“I just have a strange feeling that something is wrong.” Zsofia looks down the newly lit hallway and does not say another word.

Quietly standing there, Stephen finds this a little surprising since Zsofia has been telling him about sneaking in and out of here for years. She admits to being fascinated with the place since she was a small child and up to this point has been bubbly and excited in their investigation. She even works here alone on the days she cleans.

To Stephen, if anything, he thought she should be excited about venturing into the areas of the house that have been unknown to her all these years. Then again, is it possible she was merely making conversation? Maybe she knows more about the manor and its past than she is admitting or, is this simply an act. His inability to trust people causes doubt to creep in about his beautiful new friend.


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