Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 90) Ghosts

Stephen knows one thing is for sure, Zsofia’s demeanor is making him nervous. His thoughts go to that night, when his grandfather was resting. It was the night evil consumed the air. No one else could see the beast and he dare not speak of it now. He has spent too many years telling himself it was all a dream and far too many days in therapy to train his mind to dismiss what he believes he witnessed.

“I guess I’m confused.” Stephen says, as he looks her in the eye. “You come up here every Monday to clean, yet now you need to leave because you’re afraid of ghosts?” Stephen did not mean to laugh, but that is how he ended the statement.

“I’m sorry, Stephen, but I have to go.” Zsofia says as she quickly turns and walks down the west hall in the direction of the front door without uttering another word.


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