Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 96) Enigmatic

With it now mid afternoon, Stephen takes another glance down the long narrow and enigmatic north wing corridor. As much as he wants to continue exploring, his stomach is telling him it is time for a break. Opening the electrical panel up that he just engaged and closed, he pushes the switch down leaving himself in the dark except for the muted lights of the west hall and of course, the flashlight Zsofia gave him.

He wants to make sure all the electrical connections are working properly before he starts leaving any of the switches on. He has already convinced himself that he is not going down to the basement, that main switch will just have to remain as is. Stephen walks down the west hall, to where the conservatory and entry hall meet, and pushes the light switch on the wall causing the hall to go black.

Patting down his clothing, he pulls the large old ornate key out from his front pant pocket and opens the main entry door. This morning he arrived at the manor shortly after the fog began to dissipate and now large heavy clouds have rolled in along with a damp coolness to the air.


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