Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 99) Begins To Run

Stuffing the key and flashlight into the pocket of his jacket, Stephen starts out with a quick pace walking as fast as he can without running, as he follows the twisting turning path down the hill. Large drops of rain spatter about in random as if the storm cannot quite get started. With a brilliant flash, lightning and thunder strike almost immediately and very near. He now begins to run.

Across the meadow and in front of the gatehouse he can see it is pouring with rain and quickly moving this way. The large droplets around him are no longer sporadic but becoming organized and splashing down at a faster rate. Just as he reaches the backdoor of the gatehouse, the clouds above let loose and rain comes down in torrents. Safely inside, he turns back to look up at the hill, but due to the dense activity of the storm, he can no longer see the manor.


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