Shadows Of Guts (Excerpt 103) Dismiss It

Moving slowly, Stephan takes a few steps toward the main room of the house where he leans on the door jamb and pauses. His hands are trembling as he looks across the room. A mere twenty footsteps away is the beginning of the hall that will lead him to the bedroom. The sound is faint here, but the rolling rhythm is still calling to him. Leaning his head back against the wood trim, he reaches for his bottle of pills, but he is shaking so violently he fears he will spill them.

Crash! Another clap of heavily pounding thunder clamors down upon the house as rain pelts the windows and doors. The nature of the storm is so fierce that Stephen can no longer hear the rolling sound in the house but he knows he cannot dismiss it. He knows he must force himself through the dread that weighs so heavily on him.


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