Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 105) Alone

Stephen shakes two pills out into his sweaty trembling palm and he quickly secures the lid on the bottle before placing it back in his pocket. A gust of wind blows the rain against the front door and windows of the gatehouse as he shoves the pills, almost violently, into his mouth. He finds it difficult to swallow as his body tenses up and his adrenaline rises to a severe level. He feels sick to his stomach as he makes his way across the room and now finds himself standing in the dusty hall.

The dreariness of the storm has caused the house to grow gloomy and with a lightning strike, Stephen sees his reflection in the mirror at the end of the hall. Startled, he backs up against the wall and closes his eyes. The scene is rushing back to him now at a rapid pace, mostly the fear he felt as a child and the sense of losing control. However, one thing is different, he knows this time he is completely alone.


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