Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 106) Security

“The flashlight,” Stephen says to himself for he remembers it is still in his pocket. Swiftly he pulls it out and flips the switch on. “That’s better.” He whispers as he continues to press himself against the wall.

Stephen cannot hear a thing with the rushing wind and rain and the pounding of his heart in his ears. He has no idea if the noise he heard earlier is still sounding or if it was simply the storm. Could it have been rain pouring off the roof? Was it raining hard when he heard it? No, he does not think so. What could possibly be making such a sound?

Shining the beam of his flashlight down the hall, it reflects off the mirror into a brilliant white light. This illuminates the area and he can see that the door to the room is standing open, just as it was last night when his great-aunt called for him. He made it that far then, but the house was full of people. Somehow, this gave him a false sense of security for his grandfather died surrounded by individuals who did not see anything except a man having a heart attack, as were the coroner’s findings.


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