Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 108) Electrified

“How long had grandfather been lying there, peacefully sleeping?” Stephen thinks to himself. “How long did that beast sit and wait for just the right time to attack?” His mind keeps asking the same questions as they randomly pop in and out of his thoughts as they have for years.

Stephen peeks around the corner of the door jamb to see a full view of the room and to find the source of the sound. With the thunderstorm moving on, he should be able to hear it now but the room is silent. In fact, it is very quiet in an eerie electrified way. Reaching out at the wall and sliding his hand to the side, he finds the light switch and with a click, he flips it on. A small round hand painted lamp on the far side of the bed turns on casting a dim yellow glow in the room. A strong musty aged scent permeates out of this space as if it has been sealed shut for years.

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