Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 110) The Culprit

Looking down, on the floor near the far wall at the foot of the bed, is a wooden top. Painted upon it is the image of a little girl with a large round skirt and it is obvious this toy is the culprit of the sound. It created quite a long dust trail on the floor and this clue makes it apparent the item was recently disturbed from its original placement.

“Is that what made the noise?” Stephen questions as he walks toward the little trinket.

Shining the flashlight down, there is no doubt in his mind that this item has recently moved. Guiding the beam up to the dresser, he sees a clear dustless spot where the item would have been displayed. Bending over, he picks the item up then blows on it to remove dust and dirt from the little creases and crevices. Once satisfied the trinket is as clean as it can be, he carefully places it back on the dresser in the exact spot where it once stood.

Staring at the little toy, he realizes it is sitting far too close to the edge of the dresser. It seems obvious to him that the pounding rumbles of thunder probably just vibrated it over the edge. He pushes it back for a more secure position hoping this maneuver will keep it from falling to the floor once again. He then steps back to admire his handy work and suddenly realizes here he is, in the middle of the room, alone.


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