Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 112) Endure

Staying calm, Stephen steps closer to the place his grandfather fought for his life, but he does not touch the bed in any way. He keeps his distance and stays a few feet back as he bends over and looks under the skirting. He sees several boxes and two blankets stuffed under the mattresses but nothing out of the ordinary. The chill in the air is thick as he slowly passes by the bed and turning, walking backwards toward the hall, he keeps his eyes on the room. Without averting his stare, he feels for the light switch and with a loud click, the room goes dark.

Continuing to back away, he gets halfway down the hallway and stops to lean against the wall as tears fill his eyes.  Sliding along the wall and glancing back at the room he makes it to the front bedroom where he collapses in the chair he slept in the night before. He shuts the flashlight off and leaves it in his lap as he tips his head back and holds his eyes closed with his fingers. Tears trickle down his cheeks as he takes in a long deep breath trying to erase the visions he continues to endure time and time again.


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