Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 113) Reacting

So many things are rushing and tangling the thoughts in Stephen’s mind. He misses his parents greatly and the anger he has for the years they lost makes him want to lash out, but there is no outlet for such emotion. He knows there is nothing he can do to make the situation better. They were snatched from his life in a matter of minutes and the haunting images of what happened to them, as well as his grandfather, will never go away.

Being there, in that room he felt it, he knows something is there watching and waiting. The fear that holds him so tight is the terror of a child, a little boy who witnessed a horrific event and insurmountable guilt that he did nothing; he did absolutely nothing to stop what only he could see. He thinks of the grandmother that he does not remember anything about except for the expression on her face. She was watching him as he stared at the creature and she too was reacting . . . to what?

“What?” states Stephen as he wipes his tears with the palm of his hand and opens his eyes fully. “Why was she looking at me like that?” He questions as he sits up on the edge of the plush seat.


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