Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 115) Same Year

Leaning over in the chair and stretching without standing, Stephen does not feel the flashlight, so he drops down on his knees and sticks his arm under the bed. Tapping around without looking, his fingers finally touch the tip of the light as well as the edge of a book. He leans down to take a look and realizes a bible is under the bed next to where the flashlight stopped. Sliding the book towards him, along with the flashlight, he brings them both out and sits back down.

The cloudy sky is forcing the daylight hours to fade to black as he settles back in the chair. Reaching for the lamp next to him, he clicks the knob, which engages the light. Flipping through the book, he notices several folded pieces of paper sticking out at the top, and when he gets to that page, he pulls them out to read.

Unfortunately, none of the notes and clippings contained here are in English. However, one thing is obvious to him about the last piece he finds in the book. It is an obituary notice from an old newspaper and is about a woman who looks very much like his grandmother. Even with the small amount of the Hungarian language he knows, he is positive the date reads the same year as his grandfather’s death. Turning the last part of the clipping back, he sees his grandmother’s name.


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