Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 117) Hesitates

Nothing, Stephen stands in silence, there is no sound coming from anywhere in the gatehouse except for the ticking clock. The house is quiet but it feels inhabited and not just by him. His senses are high and uncomfortable as his body aches with uneasiness. With a quick glance, he peers at the far end of the hall then steps forward, crossing through the sitting room on to the kitchen. Heading straight for the thermostat, he wants to see if the heat is working. Nudging the switch up a little the furnace clicks on.

With much relief in knowing he does not have to go back down into the basement, he steps back and glances out the kitchen window. High on the hill, deeply contrasting with the bright moonlight, the manor looms in the oppressive darkness of the night. Stephen almost laughs for he does not know which place he fears the most, this small unassuming gatehouse or the grand manor that consumes the highest point on the hill.

His stomach growls loudly and he realizes he has not eaten in hours. Many trays of food remain at the house after his great-uncles funeral and to the thanks of his great-aunt, the items are neatly wrapped and sitting in the refrigerator. Stephen grabs a few pieces of ham from the meat tray along with two slices of homemade bread and makes a thick sandwich. Taking a bottle of water off the counter he pulls a chair out from the table to take a seat, yet he hesitates.


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