Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 118) He Smirks

“No, I need to get back up on the hill.” Stephen says to himself as he pushes the chair back under the table. Stepping over to the counter, he pulls a napkin from the drawer, sets his sandwich on it, zips his jacket up to his neck and shoves the bottle of water into the pocket opposite the flashlight. With his snack and napkin in hand, he walks out the back door and proceeds up the path to the manor.

The moon is practically full which is quite beautiful but it also plays tricks on the mind as shadows of trees and plants seem to transform into other worldly beings. Glancing around, Stephen takes a large bite of his sandwich as he quickly moves along the winding twisting trail to the large mysterious place that he is supposed to call home.

Shaking his head, he smirks at this thought, for he has no idea about what to expect, or how to rejuvenate a building that has been sitting vacant for over fifteen to twenty years. Even though what he has seen thus far is magnificent, he is still very nervous and unsure of his abilities to handle it alone. He will need to enlist the assistance of contractors and local businesses and with his social anxiety this seems insurmountable.


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