Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 119) Impulse

A shiver runs up Stephens back as he turns to see how far he is from the gatehouse. His assumption is correct, he is the same distance from the manor as he is from the smaller dwelling and neither offers much comfort when looking at them. They both appear cold and foreboding and his imagination makes him feel as if eyes are upon him from all directions. The woods to his right are thick and mysterious as the canopy of trees block out any of the moons glow from above.

Munching on his sandwich, he tries to concentrate on the walk and not his surroundings but he is not successful. Nervously, he pulls the bottle of pills out of his pocket and without slowing his pace, pops one in his mouth and chases it with a drink of water.

If he had his way right now, he would be running for his life towards the manor. It seems crazy to him that this is his impulse for he does not know what might be there, just inside those massive walls, waiting for him. Off in the distance he hears what he believes to be the call of a bird. He is not familiar with the sounds of the wildlife here, and even though it sounds rather strange; a bird is what he believes or possibly hopes it to be.


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