Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 121) Amber Glow

Stephen walks forward and underneath the landing where the two staircases meet. He turns left and pushes the switch on the wall, which lights the hallway just as it did before, and he smiles. Continuing on, he stops where the north hall meets the west and opens the panel exposing the breaker box. He quickly flips the switch to avoid being in the dark for very long. Especially now at this moment, for this long hall is where Zsofia said she felt odd and ended up leaving. With a pop, he pushes the lever and the north wing hall is flooded in muted tones of amber light.

“Nice,” he says with a grin.

Turning around, he walks all the way back down the hall in the opposite direction, passing the threshold to the front door entry and proceeds until he reaches the south hall. This corridor is extremely dark and as he runs his hand along the wooden wall searching for the electrical panel, he feels as if someone is coming.

He keeps glancing into the darkness and does not see anything, yet his senses are strong and on alert. Finally, he finds what he is looking for and swiftly pushes the lever. The south hall brightens in the same amber glow as the other two hallways, which puts him at ease, but only slightly.

“Okay, the east wing is all that’s left.” He says quietly as he stands especially still.


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