Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 122) Mission

To the right is another notched panel and to Stephen’s surprise, it is cracked open slightly exposing a spiral staircase that matches perfectly with the one on the other end of the west hall. Clearing his throat, Stephen begins walking along the south corridor. With flashlight in hand and on, even though the hallway lights are working, he shines it around as if the lights were out. Realizing how silly this is he chuckles, then flips it off and sticks it into his pocket just as he comes to the first closed door.

He cannot imagine anyone needing this much space to live in, let alone two elderly people who probably spent most of their time in the kitchen and sitting room. One aspect that he cannot fathom is that he has three more floors of this size to inspect and rummage through. Reaching out, he places his hand on the handle of the closed door.

“Well, let’s see what we have behind door number one.” Stephen murmurs as he turns the handle to the right.

It seems to be stuck so he nudges the door by leaning up against it then slamming his shoulder into it. With a squeak, it pops open and he starts coughing from all the dust that he has managed to stir up. Fanning the air, he reaches for the switch on the wall and turns the light on. To his surprise, he finds himself in an office complete with a desk, books, and chairs for guests or visitors. Without getting involved with the details of the items and decor, he looks around quickly and steps back into the hall to continue on his investigative mission.


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