Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 123) Giggle

Moving along, Stephen passes three more rooms and swiftly peeks inside then keeps going. More than anything, he wants to get to the last breaker and turn that final switch to the on position. Only then will he feel comfortable that all wings and floors of the house have electricity. In no way does he want to find himself in the dark here especially when he is alone.

It is now, when he is closer to the end of the hall, that he realizes it ends with a wooden door instead of being open like the other two hallways.

“Now, why would this be closed off?” he says aloud in his normal tone.

Just as he reaches out to grab the handle, he hears what sounds like a giggle. Startled, he stops immediately. Energy runs up his legs and causes goose bumps to form all over his body and it feels as if his hair is standing on end. Stepping to the side, he presses his back up against the masonry wall and looks left then right for whatever caused this unpleasant sound. Repeating this process of looking back and forth several times, he does not find anything out of the ordinary nor does he hear the sound again. Forcing himself to slow his breathing, he reaches out and slowly turns the handle to the wooden door.


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