Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 125) Terrace

Turning back, Stephen proceeds through the next entrance and steps into a dark and dreary room where swiftly, he shines the beam of light into the darkness. This does not appear to be a hallway like the other wings; in fact, the room is about the size of a bathroom and is far more distressed than the other areas he has ventured to. A thick layer of dust and grime covers the wooden floor and two chairs that sit facing each other. As with the other corners of the manor, spiral steps lead up to the next floor.

As he has with the past wings of the manor, he finds the electrical box and pushes the switch to the on position. Flicking light flashes from a single bulb and he realizes there is another door in the room just a few feet to his left. Turning the old discolored lock, the door pops open exposing a long deep terrace that runs the entire length of the east wing.

Black iron furniture consisting of round tables, tall backed chairs, and footstools are sitting around in a haphazard fashion. Large urns of dried soil sit at each stone support pillar as well as at the bottom of a wide-set of steps that lead down to what appears to be a garden. Even with the full moon, it is very hard to see what is out there in the dark early hours.

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