Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 127) Isolated

“So there are stairs at every corner of the building.” Stephen says to himself as he tries to keep everything he has discovered straight in his mind. “This place is huge and I haven’t left the first floor yet.” His breathing is rapid as he continues to stand with his back pressed up against the door he just entered.

He is struggling with keeping his nerves and imagination under control as he thinks about the strange laugh-like sound he heard several minutes ago, as well as the groaning of the trees in the nearby woods. He is reaching a high level of anxiety from being alone in this huge place as well as feeling isolated in life. The latter has always been with him, but grew to an escalated level after the death of his parents.

Here he is, in the middle of a country he knows little about, in a house that seems to go on forever, and he feels surrounded by mysteries about his family that he believes may never reach a resolve. Looking up he closes his eyes as he tries to avoid a full-blown panic attack. Concentrating on his breathing, he tries to count to five while he takes air in, then slowly releases it through his mouth.


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