Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 129) Honest

As Stephen staggers out of the last dusty room, the one closest to the west corridor, he is coughing and fanning the air around him with his hand when he hears what sounds like someone running along the hallway above him.

“What the. . .?” he questions. Looking at his watch it is only four o’clock in the wee hours of the morning. “Who on earth would be here at this hour?” he says to himself as he walks over to the spiral staircase that divides the hall and mudroom of the kitchen.

“Who’s there?” he yells, surprising himself with the strength of his voice.

Taking a few steps forward, he looks around the wall into the mudroom and sees the side door has not been disturbed and is still bolted shut. Moving back, he stands on the first step of the staircase and pauses, waiting for a response to his question, but hoping he does not receive one. He knows he bolted the main doors when he came in, but he also knows Zsofia has access as well.

Even though she has stated twice that she only entered the few rooms allowed, he cannot help but wonder if Zsofia has been completely honest with him. After all, they only just met and he is not as familiar with his surroundings as she is.


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