Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 131) Stillness

All Stephen can see in his mind is the murderous creature that tortured his grandfather in his last moments of life. The grin on its face with folds of skin pulling upward and the strength in its arms as it bludgeoned the poor man to death are clear and precise. Shaking he leans against the wall and wishes he could melt into it before anyone or anything has a chance to find him.

Something is there. He sees movement low to the ground hiding just beyond the shadows of the open door. Desperately in need of an anxiety pill, he knows without a doubt that his shaking hands would cause the pills to rattle loudly, surely revealing his hiding place. Each breath begins to ache as he tries to control the inward and outward motion of air and his lungs are burning as if in flames. Gasping for air in a quiet manner is also constricting him from remaining calm.

“Hooo!” He lets out a loud breath as his body forces him to expel the air he was holding.

With his head pressed against the wall, Stephen looks in the direction of the door, which has not moved from its most recent position. Staring and hypnotized by the long thin band of blackness that the open door reveals, Stephen watches and waits. He is not sure if he himself, from his fear, is causing this stillness to wash over him, or if something else, possibly something otherworldly, has paused time and taken away his ability to move.


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