Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 132) Imagination

Several minutes have now passed and with no other activity, Stephen’s breathing has slowed. The faintness he felt along with the gripping pain of his lungs has subsided as well. Straightening his posture, he stands away from the wall but will not take his eyes off the door. The way it is hanging on the hinge, barely open, is very much like the door he gently pushed open at the age of nine, only to witness a sight that will never leave him.

Quietly Stephen takes a step but then stops to listen, nothing. There are no sounds, no wind, no scurrying of rodents or other animals that may have found a way in and no creaking of floorboards. Pulling his flashlight from his pocket, he steps again before pausing for a mere second and then slow and deliberate, he approaches the door.

With his flashlight on, he shines the light in through the crack and pushes the door open with his left foot. He stands in the hall slowly moving the beam of light back and forth hoping this moment of terror was all his imagination. After all, the doctors have disputed his statements his entire life by proclaiming he has an over active imagination and is simply seeing what his mind is dreaming up.


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