Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 133) Feminine

Reaching into the room, Stephen flips the switch on the wall and the room glows in white light. This is a bedroom dressed in pale creams and pastel pink bedding and curtains. The design on the fabric is of lightly colored roses and peonies, and it is obvious this feminine space was decorated under the direction of a woman. A large thick rug spans the entire room and it too carries the same pattern and color scheme.

On the left and right of this delicately fashioned room are open doorways that lead into adjoining living spaces. One is a sitting area and the other a sewing room. This suite is massive and surely belonged to the woman of the manor as her place of retreat.

Suddenly, from the adjoining room, Stephen hears a loud crash followed by very quick yet distinct footsteps. It sounds as if someone is running out the door to the hallway from the sewing room and then continues farther still as the footsteps fade in the direction of the east hall. Swiftly stepping out into the corridor, Stephen shines his light in that direction.


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