Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 134) Replay

Without thinking, Stephen takes chase after whomever it is that ran from the room. He sprints all the way to the corner where the north and east halls meet. Here he finds a long terrace, much like the one below him on the ground floor, which extends the entire length of this eastern view. Pulling the door open, he quickly flashes his beam toward all corners of this spacious area, but it is obviously void of anyone or anything.

Stepping back and into the stairwell at this corner of the manor, Stephen leans over the railing of the staircase and shines his light down to the ground floor. He then rolls sideways shining the beam of the flashlight up to the third and fourth floors trying to find any evidence that someone took this route of escape. All is quiet and he takes advantage of this moment to gulp down an anxiety pill.

Feeling as if his emotions may spiral out of control at any moment, Stephen begins walking back down the hallway. After only a few steps, he sits on the floor and leans his head back against the cold wall of wooden paneling. Too afraid to close his eyes, his mind begins a replay of the recent events. Whoever or whatever was here, just fled this hallway and is now taking refuge, somewhere in the dark expanses of the old manor.


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