Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 135) Floors Above

The internal sound of his heartbeat is all Stephen hears, as he sits still and quiet, in the manor at the top of the hill. Resting on the floor with the wall as support, he keeps his eyes open wide as he glances up and down the hall. In his mind, he runs through the layout of this enormous place, the various staircases and rooms he has passed, and he wonders about the two floors above him that he has yet to investigate.

Most of all, he worries about the strange encounter he had just moments earlier. Who is here with him, lurking and watching and how in the world will he ever be able to find them? For that matter, he is not sure that he wants to cross paths. For all he knows, this person could be a squatter or vagrant who has been sheltered here for many years. A clever person could easily avoid detection due to the size of the massive dwelling.  At this point, Stephen believes anything is possible. Looking down at his hands, he feels his head starting to pound with the beginnings of a headache. He now closes his eyes as he rubs his aching neck and forehead.


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