Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 138) Stately

“What time is it?” Stephen questions as he looks at his watch. “Five o’clock. Hopefully the sun will be up soon.”

Walking back into the second floor hall, he pulls the conservatory door shut behind him, which rattles and echoes as it slams shut. Turning to his right, he follows the hall and steps into the terrace that he discovered only moments ago. Just like before, he finds it barren with a few tables and chairs stacked in one corner. It is an average space with no outstanding details that he can see so he proceeds along until he reaches the other side. This brings him to the south hall and a locked door.

“Well whoever took off down the hall didn’t come this way.” Stephen says as he fumbles with the key and unlocks the door.

As with many older homes that back in their day housed stately couples, it was popular to have separate living quarters. The feminine rooms of the north hall stand in stark contrast to what he finds here on the second floor of the south hall. This portion of the manor is strictly masculine with deep tones to the fabrics and dark stained and painted wood throughout. Here too, just like in the opposite hallway, the rooms have doorways to the hall as well as each other. He finds it hard to imagine using this space in the exact manner intended.


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