Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 140) This Early

Looking down Stephen places one foot onto the floor of the balcony to test its strength. Feeling confident that it is secure, he steps out and to the edge resting his hands on the railing. To Stephen’s surprise, standing alone on the green grass of the front lawn is Tamas. The young man is looking up at the second floor, staring at the window of the next room over, and does not seem to notice Stephen at all.

“What is he doing up here this early?” Stephen says to himself as he waves at the young man.

Tamas does not wave back. Instead, he steps sideways as if trying not to lose sight of whatever has caught his attention. All the while, he keeps his eyes on the window of the next room over. To Stephen’s surprise, a wide smile flashes across Tamas’ face as he laughs and wrinkles his nose as if someone just told a silly joke. Tamas then nods and grins as he finally looks at Stephen.


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