Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 141) Next To

“Well, hello Tamas.” Stephen says in a lighthearted way. “What are you doing here, are you alone?” He asks for he now believes Tamas must have been the individual who ran from him earlier while in the north wing.

However, now that he thinks about it, he knows he locked and bolted the main door when he came in. The entrance Zsofia used to sneak in through is secure as well as is the one in the mudroom off from the kitchen. So, how is it that Tamas could have been inside the house? Surely, there is a door open somewhere on the lower level that he gained entry through.

“Is Zsofia with you?” Stephen quizzes but Tamas just turns to the side and giggles once again.

Next, Tamas finally waves at Stephen but then does something very peculiar. He covers his mouth as if laughing hysterically and points to the window of the room next to where Stephen is standing. Once he regains his composure, he then makes eye contact with Stephen but as the young man looks back at the window, his smile fades and he cowers slightly but his eyes stay focused.

With a serious expression and complete control, he backs up a few steps as if trying to see further into the second story room. Stephen follows Tamas’ gaze and this is when he sees the curtain in the room next to him move.



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