Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 142) Each Gasp

“Hey!” Stephen yells as he leans over to that side of the railing. “I bet that’s Zsofia in here sneaking around.” He says as he bolts back through the room to beat her to the hall so he can intercept her.

He is actually a little excited to think that she is here for he does like her company and he must admit it would be more interesting to discover this place with a friend. Stepping out into the hall, he turns to his right and immediately enters the next room not stopping until he is nearly in the center of it. Turning, he faces the door believing he has discovered his newfound friends hiding place. However, his smile and excitement quickly fades as he realizes no one is there, except for an odd yet familiar resonance.

Here in this darkened room, it sounds like someone is having difficulty breathing, as if each draw of air is excruciating and unbearable. Following each gasp is a very faint catlike hiss that lingers far longer than it should as the air expels before the next draw. This noise rushes Stephen’s thoughts back many years in the past to his grandfather’s bedroom.


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