Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 143) Dark Corners

Stephen remembers this distinct sound and relives the moment when he realized the breaths of his beloved family member were not the source. The intakes of air were coming from the hideous creature that tortured and killed his grandfather. Is it possible somehow, for some reason, this awful appalling thing is behind him now, in the very room in which he is standing?

Stephen turns, but not in a bold or heroic manner, for he is petrified at the thought of seeing what he believes is there.  Staggering backwards, he looks into the dark corners of the room but his eyes have not yet adjusted to the obscurity that consumes and disguises the air around him. Falling backwards into the hall he feels faint and not in control. Digging his heels down he gains enough traction to jump to his feet but as soon as he stands, he begins to trip again. Unable to secure his footing, he falls hard against the outer masonry wall of the hallway.



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