Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 144) In Fear

To steady his stance, Stephen frantically pulls himself along the cold rough stones, all the while watching the dark doorway of the room. His gaze remains fixed until he reaches the large round window that looks out at the flourishing conservatory. Only then, does he dare take his eyes off the doorway to the room as it stands open exposing the erroneous darkness within. Now that he has made it to the landing, he dashes to the left staircase that curves down to the ground floor and the front entrance. Nearly falling down the last six steps his head is pounding as his body floods in fear and adrenaline.

He has not looked back to see if the evil beast is near but he believes it is gaining on him, overtaking the distance he put between them as he fled the second floor. A rushing feeling consumes him as he braces for a touch or attack. As he reaches the main door, he grabs the handle of the large bolt that he secured across it on his way in, but it will not budge. Pulling as hard as he can, the bolt holds steady and does not move, and his hands slip off the metal nearly dropping him to the floor. He is now panicked and unable to keep himself from yelling out as he struggles to remove the barrier of his only way to escape.


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