Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 145) Darts Out

Frantic and shaking with fear, Stephen slams his body against the double doors and pushes at the large metal clasp that holds the bolt. Pulling on the handle, it stays tight and unmoving. Stepping back, he rams his shoulder into the doors once again but this time, with a loud squeak the bolt finally slips open. Looking out the corner of his eye to see if this creature is anywhere near, Stephen darts out the door, crashing into Laszlo Eszes nearly knocking the old man to the ground. Laszlo grabs onto Stephen and nearly punches him while trying to steady his own footing.

“What the hell is wrong with you, boy?” Yells the elderly man as he grabs Stephen by the throat. “You are as crazy as a loon, just like everyone says!”

Laszlo pushes Stephen back against the door just as Zsofia, holding Tamas by the hand, steps up next to her grandfather. She looks shocked and worried as she glances from Stephen to her elder as if wanting to jump in and break their hold on each other. Tamas is quiet as he looks down at the ground like a child in trouble.

“Grandfather!” Zsofia starts but is quickly interrupted.

“This is why you cannot come up here. He is a nut case! Just look at him!” Laszlo yells in a booming tone.


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