Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 147) Inability

“You. . . you,” it is obvious Laszlo wishes to use words he finds unfit as he stammers with his statement. “You stay away from my family!” His face is red with anger. “You should not have come here in the first place and. . .” Laszlo’s voice trails off before he turns and starts to walk away.

“And what?” Stephen challenges as he tries to control the shakiness in his voice because of this unfortunate interaction.

No response, not even a hesitation, is offered. The three family members start to walk along the path in the direction of the woods and on to their home located on the other side.

Twice Zsofia quickly glances back and Stephen cannot tell from her expression if she is angry with him or if she feels pity for his inability to stand up to her grandfather. Either way, he doubts it really matters. He has felt alone in this world now for several years. In his mind, what does it matter if he is thought of as an outcast? He has nothing to prove to anyone, even himself. This is what he tells himself as he leans against the door, pinching at his eyes to keep himself from shedding tears.


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