Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 152) Playfully

“I’m only asking because you seemed frightened when you ran out the door.” Zsofia says in a calm tone. “As a teenager that was the most interesting thing about this place. No one would live here and we all knew it had to be haunted but I never felt that way as a younger child. It was a wonderful place that seemed magical to me.” She pauses and Stephen knows she is looking at him, but he continues to look straight ahead. “I never felt threatened while cleaning the few rooms I was allowed in. Well. . . ” she hesitates. “Until your great-uncle had the electricians in to update the wiring, after that it was never the same.”

“In what way?” Stephen asks, now intrigued as to where this conversation is leading.

“I felt. . . uneasy.” She replies as she runs her fingers along the lace that trims her long sleeves and the conversation pauses once again, but then Stephen speaks up.

“I thought you only came here on Monday’s, today is Tuesday.” He points out as they sit there on the hill together.

“I run my own business, so I can do as I please.” She says playfully as she stands up and starts walking toward the manor.


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